California Noir

Thrillers with Romance.

Head west and you’ll find the land of the lonely, exiled and eccentric.

Characters living on the fringe, seeking their fortunes, until love gets in the way.

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Liars in Love

Sam Webb is released from prison after serving two years for burglary and wants to go straight. Unfortunately, his old crime boss, Paul Barnes, still wants the money that went missing the night Sam got arrested.


Facing Reality

Paul Franti has no job, creditors are after him, and he’s spent all his money on his film masterpiece that’s less than half done. To hide from the bill collectors and repo men, he moves in with Maggie, his best girlfriend ever. But Maggie gives him an ultimatum: he has ten weeks to get a job, pay off all his debts and either commit to her or get out.

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Murder at Tourmaline

Tourmaline Beach is a historic surf spot in San Diego where you can ride waves all day and then enjoy the sunset. But when a German female tourist is murdered on a perfect summer evening, there are no suspects and no answers. It looks like a cold case until San Diego Police Detective Lucy Mendoza digs deeper and discovers a string of similar murders over the years, at beaches that stretch up the California coast to Mendocino.


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The further you go into the light, the darker your shadow becomes.
— Carl Jung