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Liars in Love

Sam Webb leaves prison after serving two years for burglary and wants to go straight. Unfortunately, his old crime boss, Paul Barnes, still wants the money that went missing the night Sam got arrested.

Kath Battaglia was a punk runaway when Paul Barnes found her on the streets, and he transformed her into a professional thief. Now she wants to escape the criminal life, but Paul won’t cut her loose until she pays back all the money she owes him.

Sparks fly when Sam and Kath meet, along with some kicks and punches, and Paul sees a way to use their fiery attraction. He makes them an offer they can’t refuse - Sam and Kath must work together as a burglary team for Paul, until they pay back all the money they owe him.

But Sam and Kath have secrets. Sam’s ex-wife, Rose, disappeared the same night that Sam was arrested. Is she hiding the missing money? Kath has an Aunt Bella, whom she supports, which is how she got so deep in debt. Kath will do anything to protect her — even if it means betraying him. Sam and Kath must be honest with each other if they want to escape, but they’ve lived their whole lives as liars. Who will betray whom first?

Sample Review from Amazon. Overall 4.6 out of 5 stars

I spent a beautiful rainy day reading Liars in Love. What a flashback to the past! Bull captures memories of my beloved San Francisco in meticulous detail. It was filled with nostalgia, great suspense and the way he integrates glimpses into the future is very clever. I was hooked from the first sentence. Every San Franciscan needs to read your book as well as all the androids that have overrun our city streets. I think it also has international appeal.

4 out of 5 stars, Writer’s Digest Competition 2018

The vicissitudes of love for a pair of criminals forced together lead to a very entertaining novel. San Francisco itself becomes a focal element in the story. The story moves along fluidly, with the motivations and mind-sets of the duo clearly and often amusingly depicted as they try to steer clear of the law, fool the boss, and plot their strategy. Suspense is maintained to a surprising ending. The dialogue is fresh and credible, with an amusing run of banter between the eventual lovers.

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Facing Reality

Paul Franti has no job, creditors are after him, and he’s spent all his money on his film masterpiece that’s less than half done. To hide from the bill collectors and repo men, he moves in with Maggie, his best girlfriend ever. But Maggie gives him an ultimatum: he has ten weeks to get a job, pay off all his debts and either commit to her or get out.

Paul gets a job doing sound on a reality TV movie-of-the-week, directed by Dwight Werner, a driven documentary filmmaker, and produced by Joel Cuvney, a craven young executive who will do anything to get ahead. Paul will make enough cash to meet all of Maggie's demands ... except for the commitment part. He's on the fence about that, but he figures he has time to decide.

Dwight is shooting a movie about a small "tribe" of four homeless kids--Trent, Jodi, Ilima, and Duncan, who live in an abandoned brewery downtown. Dwight is recording their grinding poverty for his own artistic glory, and he pushes his crew to exhaustion to get the scenes he wants. All Paul wants is to survive the gig, until he gets sucked into the lives of the four troubled kids. Joel, the producer, then offers Paul a better role on the project, tempting him further.

Maggie sees that this job is changing Paul, maybe not for the better. Will they make it?

Reviews for Facing Reality 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon

In Facing Reality, Ian Bull explores the ethical minefield that is reality television. Set in 2000, when unscripted entertainment was starting to boom, this fast-paced nail-biter takes us through the technical and personal challenges of TV and film production. It culminates in a clever study of the editor's astounding power to distort and transform. Bull sees a microcosm of the moral difficulties of all work in entertainment, and the inherent tension between profit and integrity. But above all, Reality Roadkill is the kind of gripping storytelling that keeps the reader turning pages late into the night.

4 out of 5 stars, Writer’s Digest Competition 2018

The characterizations are deft, revealing the mind-sets and motivations of the two lovers as well as those involved in the TV show. The action sequences are vividly handled. The dialogue is also credible and effective in establishing the different personas. Graphic sex scenes fit into the story line.

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Murder at Tourmaline

Tourmaline Beach is a historic surf spot in San Diego where you can ride waves all day and then enjoy the sunset. But when a German female tourist is murdered on a perfect summer evening, there are no suspects and no answers. It looks like a cold case until SDPD Detective Lucy Mendoza digs deeper and discovers a string of similar murders over the years, at beaches that stretch up the California coast to Mendocino.

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